Sunday, October 2, 2016


This is a topic that resonates on a few levels.

I have a student who knows (paid attention to the fact) that one of my writing goals is to do a blog post a week. Every day this sweet girl, E, asks, "Did you do your blog, Mrs. Randall?"  I appreciate her helping me to reach this goal! And, yes, E, this is one from a few weeks ago!

Now, will my kids appreciate me for holding them accountable for doing their GoodReads updates every week and making sure it's more than just adding books to their "want to read" and "read" shelves and adding friends?  They get a grade for updating weekly: keeping a book on their "currently reading" shelf and updating pages as they read; commenting; reviewing.  I finished the check today and entered the grades for it. This is the first time I've done this, and I see I need to make some tweaks to the system.  I also have a few students who need a hard copy, so that got tweaked, as well.
I was "generous" this first time and no one got a failing grade unless they didn't update AT ALL. 

Taking care of me. That's something I need to work on now, also. So many things keep being added, it feels like. I had to make a new to-do list in a chart format that included specifics like when it's due, who assigned it, who's involved in completing it. I'm spending more time reading and need to spend more time walking, also. Right now, I'm typing this on the floor while I stretch. Yesterday, I got my hair done, and that always makes me happy! I got about 6 inches off. Didn't realize I had that much extra!!

On a different note: It's starting to feel like fall, and this makes me happy. I love the cooler weather, and the smells and feelings that go along with that, for me. It will making getting out and walking easier.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Reluctant Writer