Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Catching Up and Readers/Writers Workshop

Long time, no write! I can't believe it's been over a week!

My aunt came to visit for a week, so we did a few things, while I still spent a bit of time working. We went to the Sixth Floor Museum and went to TopGolf, among other things.  I've been to the museum several times, because people like to go there. I had never been to Top Golf before! That was so much fun! And watching my aunt and son was pretty good entertainment.

I went in last Monday to school to work on my room and managed to straighten tables, chairs, and other furniture. I spent a few hours on Thursday and pretty much emptied my cabinet and spread the contents on the tables. I spent ALL DAY Friday tossing and recycling, and organized my work area (shelves, table, etc). Went in Saturday and took things off the walls, added things to the walls. Im almost ready.

This week has started the REAL work. Meetings. Yesterday was a campus day, meaning we spent the day on our home campus reviewing information and learning about the new appraisal system. The days are long, but they're spent with people I like and enjoy being around!

Next week, I get to meet MY NEW KIDS!! I am SO excited to meet these new 7th graders!! HOWEVER, I'm trying out something new with Mel at Mollick's Lit Mix: readers/writers workshop. It's a much bigger process than I imagined, but she and I have worked well together, I think! I hope I've contributed as much as I think I have!! Mel is amazing, and I love working with her!! Sometimes, I think I'm a big picture person and can tell you what I think, but getting down the itty bitty details throws me. Mel can take my thinking and put it into words and calendars.

I'm to the point now, as far as planning, where I need to sit down and spread my stuff out to look at calendars and resources, so I can fill out my calendar!

Back to my meeting! I hope y'all are enjoying what's left of summer!!


Reluctant Writer

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  1. We've got this, Marsha! :) It's going to be amazing this year---especially with you problem-solving (and problem-finding) this year!