Saturday, August 6, 2016

Life Happens!

I had gotten into a routine in July: wake up - feed the dog - make coffee - grab the remote and computer.

Then I'd catch up with the shows I DVRed and read/work-on Teachers Write blogs and writing.

It was still dark outside, and everyone was asleep so I could focus on my stuff.

THEN I went to Mom's - vacation - 9 days! The first day or two I did pretty well. I got up, grabbed my computer, sat at the table, and got to work on school stuff, Teachers Write, and blog reading.

Mom was asleep. Dad was already at work. No dog to feed. Well....not one I needed to feed.

Day 3.

I laid in bed and looked at the trees - identifying each one - lemon - mandarin - banana.

I listened to the birds.

Finally, dragged myself out of bed. Played with the cats. Looked at Mom's books. Played on the computer. Meandered around her living room, backyard and front yard trying to name the different plants and trees. Despite my not-so-green thumb, I could name quite a few - ponytail plant, artichoke, tomato, bromeliad, airplane plant, lime, lemon, mandarin, banana, weeds, and roses.

Then play with the dog, let the cats out, then watch some tv.

The rest of my visit, my mornings went pretty much the same!

I may not have stayed on top of blog reading and writing, but I left Mom's totally rested and looking forward to my next visit in September!

This break from my usual routine made me realize that if I'm going to blog the way I want to, I need to keep a routine of sorts. I need to have a place and time to write.  That might mean getting up a little earlier or staying up a little later on weekends. Hopefully, during school, that will mean, working during the kids writing workshop time, so I can model writing for my kids.


Reluctant Writer

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