Monday, August 29, 2016

TeacherTired - First Week of School

I've survived!

To all the other teachers out there: Congratulations!! I hope  you made it to the end of Friday!!

So, I don't know where I heard it, but it's true.... There's just no tired like first day/week of school teacher tired! I get home, put on the pajamas, fall asleep, wake up, take care of dinner, clean the kitchen, shower, go to bed. All before 9 or 9:30!  I know it's not just me, other teachers feel the same way! I know I'll eventually get my teaching stamina back, but WOW! It's a kick in the head right now!

This week with kids has really been amazing! I'm loving my kids and am learning their names. THAT'S always a challenge. I remind them that I have 126 names to learn, but they only have SEVEN! This year there are quite a few Jakes/Jacobs, Graces/Gracies, Elles/Ellies. The names.... ALL the Names. But I'm getting them! I can name them while they're in my room. The true test will be on Monday to see if I can remember the names!

It's the middle of my teaching day, and I'm in the library with my 4th period. Some are writing in their writer's notebook, some are reading, some are looking for books, some are talking about their books, but they're all involved!!  I hope ALL of my kids are this into it!

In other news:
**My kid officially starts COLLEGE on Monday.
**My in-laws are celebrating their 50th (YES, FIFTIETH) wedding anniversary tomorrow!! That is the most amazing thing to me! My husband and I are in year 25, and I find this amazing, as well!

I'm ending this abruptly, which I know I shouldn't do, so I'll use this as a "what not to do" conclusion!

Thanks for reading!


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