Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Slice of Life in Louisiana

I'm home for the week. I got here last Saturday at 10:15 am, after leaving home at 4:00 am-ish. I enjoy getting up early and driving; it's quiet, and there's not much traffic. The sunrise is amazing!! And so is the lightning.

I was born and raised in the Texas hill country and am definitely a Texas girl. I've lived in New Mexico and Kansas, but Texas is definitely home, unless I'm with my parents in Louisiana, then that's home.

What makes my parent's house in Louisiana "home"?

*The marble board made by a a great great great on the table ready for a game between me and Mom

*The many plants (and they're ALIVE!!)

*Mom and Dad

*Going to the gun range with Dad

*Sleeping in

*A calm and relaxed, stress-free feeling

*Cooking, sewing, shopping with Mom. This visit we finished my son's quilt by tufting it.

*My fur sister, Callie
*ALL THE BOOKS (this shows not even a quarter of the books at home)

This morning we will be doing some cleaning and organizing at my brother's house. He works offshore and isn't home too much, so his house kinda shows it. 

A few more days to enjoy the calm and quiet before heading home to get ready for school.


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  1. I'm flying home for a wedding in September. I will have to blog about what makes home, HOME. Your post almost had me to tears thinking about all the things that make being home so special. Great job on the quilt--it's so special that you and your mom got to work on it together. <3 My favorite line from your post is "The many plants (and they're ALIVE!!)". I'm still working on that whole "alive" thing.