Friday, June 16, 2017

Free Form Friday: Take 1

Wow! It's Friday, and I'm actually doing this! Please don't expect anything earth-shattering!

I spent this week in training and professional development. Monday and Tuesday I was back at Lit Camp learning about resources to use in the classroom and getting my writing fire back. I really enjoyed it last year when I did it. And like I said in a previous post, I just need to get back in the swing and set a schedule.

Wednesday and Thursday I was in Intermediate UbD training (Understanding by Design for those of you NOT in education). It's a way to sit down and plan units. All four days this week were really helpful and completely enjoyable!! I'm looking forward to my last two days of Lit Camp in August and the other training I have in July. Oh, and my writing conference in a couple of weeks. Oh, and curriculum writing next Thursday. Wow!! So much school stuff, and I'm supposed to get "summers off"!!

Today was a slow morning spent in pajamas and doing some organizing and cleaning. Then reunion prep this afternoon. Visited the venue, ordered catfish, then ate a late lunch/early dinner with my guys.

Found a new restaurant I might try. It's an Indian restaurant. I've never eaten Indian food before. Or maybe my something new will be yoga. I have a few days before I get to tell you all about it.


So between now and next Friday, I'll be writing at least one more post, finishing one book and starting another, enjoying quiet time in my house alone, and getting ready for our reunion next weekend. Might get my nails done.

Oh! And I've started using a few essential oils. I use doTerra wild orange in my water, and it's so good! I've been putting lavender and peppermint in my diffuser at night. It helps get me to sleep. STAY ASLEEP!!

If you read...thanks. I promise the next one on Tuesday will be more exciting!!


Reluctant Writer

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