Monday, June 12, 2017

JUNE?! And I didn't meet my goal.

Well, one of my writing goals this school year was to blog DAILY. THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN! Apparently, I was too optimistic. Weekly didn't even happen. Life happened. Grading, teaching, mothering, wifing, friending. Everything came before this. And everything came before me.

I don't even know if anyone still checks to see if I've written, but I'm writing today.

This weekend was amazing! My parents, my brother, my mom's friend since 3rd grade all came into town, and we went to THE CONCERT Saturday night. ZZ Top opening for Jimmy Buffett!! It was a great time. Notes for next year: Seats on the west side (no sun in the eyes), and consider parking somewhere else.

I got a tattoo a few years ago - a butterfly. Why a butterfly? It transforms from a caterpillar (not very pretty) into something amazing - a butterfly! That year, instead of resolutions, I chose a word - transform. I was going to transform. I made a few changes but nothing that was amazing, I guess. Every time I looked at my tattoo, it was a reminder.

In January of this year, I opened a fortune cookie that (in a nutshell) said that I'd go on a great journey this year. I laughed. I was talking to a good friend about how tired I was and how I wanted time by myself, away from responsibilities and people. Preferably, in Colorado, where I've wanted to go since I drove through in 2003 to Salt Lake City. She said, "So why don't you?" and I thought, "Well,..... I don't know." Soooo......I researched.
I reserved a car, a flight, and a cabin by a lake. I'll be in Colorado for a week by myself!! I'm way more excited than my husband or my mom.

Anyway, this is the year I go outside my comfort zone and do some things I normally wouldn't.

So far,
~I've ridden a Greyhound bus to Lafayette during spring break to see my parents.
~I joined Weight Watchers AGAIN. And, so far, this time I've been successful.
~I attended a Jimmy Buffett concert with MY PARENTS!!
~I tried a new restaurant and a new dish with my brother over spring break. Granted it was all foods I normally eat, but it had an Asian twist with a sauce I'd never tried.
~My husband and I are hosting his family reunion this year. I feel like I'm just along for the ride, since he's really done a lot of the "footwork": getting the venue, the dinner catered, etc.
~I'm letting my son grow up and trying to take more of a hands off approach. He's 19. I KNOW!! But he still lives at home! He bought his own car about a month ago. a Cadillac..... I drive a Chevy pick-up and Dad drives a Volkswagen Passat.... But he researched it, he made the down payment, and he's making the payments. He works full time and is a shift lead. He finished a couple of classes this last semester with Bs. He's a good kid, and I think we've done a pretty good job with him.

And now, hopefully, this Reluctant Writer is back, at least weekly.


Reluctant Writer

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