Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Little of this; little of that


It has been busy. So, we hosted my husband's mother's side family reunion. It's been in the planning stages for a year. We booked the venue and hotel back in September, then started ordering food a month ago. All the little details started coming together the last two weeks. BUT LAST WEEK WAS A BEAR!! Coordinating food pick up, niece pick up, and room decoration and set up on Friday was crazy.

Friday was the meet and greet. It was so much fun! I love visiting with family I haven't seen in a while. It was all over by 10 (for most of us). We hit the ground running Saturday morning meeting family downstairs (we also stayed at the hotel) for breakfast, then heading over to Saturday's location to set up for the day. The kids were able to play and run around outside and explore trails, adults were able to stay inside and visit and play games. We did a raffle drawing every 15 minutes or so. Hard 8 catered, AND IT WAS FABULOUS!! Everyone loved it! We had a singer coming that evening, and he was amazing! I highly recommend him if you're in the Dallas-Fort Worth area: John Haynie. He was great! He let one of our cousins get up and sing and play his own guitar with him, and he let another get up and sing while he played the guitar. He was in our group picture at the end of the night.

Saturday was done by 1:30 am for me, since I stayed up with some cousins partaking of the adult beverages. Sunday came, and we ate breakfast, said our goodbyes, and headed home to sort through everything we had dumped in the garage an kitchen Saturday night. Our house is finally getting back to normal.

So, for Try-it Tuesday, my new thing was hosting a family reunion weekend. That is checked off my list for another several years.

I spent a few hours last night helping my son and his friend set up their excursions for the cruise next week. I'm really excited for him to do this! It will be a new experience for him! And one of the excursions they picked was PARASAILING!! What the heck?! Who is this kid? Then another day they're doing the Aquaventure Park at Atlantis. I'm really looking forward to hearing his stories when he comes back.

That's about it for this weekend. I'll be back on Friday morning. I probably won't post next week, since I'll be out of town on my own adventure and not taking my laptop.


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