Monday, July 4, 2016

100 Steps in San Francisco

Still catching up! This was a prompt from last week. We were to walk 100 steps and observe.  If I had done this last week, these would have been my observations:
Sounds: truck engines and boxes being unloaded; seagulls; ship/boat horns in the distance; sounds of people talking; music being played and songs being sung; paper being folded and unfolded; the constant honking of car horns.

Smells: seagulls! Car and bus exhaust, seafood cooking; bread being baked at Boudin's.

Sights: SO MANY!! Alcatraz; the bustle of Fisherman's Wharf; seagulls awkwardly running to eat the discarded bread bowls that once held creamy, hot clam chowder; tourists standing in clusters trying to decide when or if they should do the boat cruise or bus tour and if so, which cruise or tour; the fog in the distance; the Golden Gate Bridge; the stacks of homes, apartments, and buildings; the choppy water.

We're supposed to look at any connections (mine would be the hustle and bustle and noise) then turn this into a writing of some sort. Mine would be about how very unquiet and busy San Francisco is and how I really didn't enjoy that aspect. I did  enjoy the architecture: the shapes and lines of the buildings, the details and colors, the old against the new. I loved all of that! I enjoyed going around Alcatraz on the the boat tour and now want to read more about it, particularly the various buildings. Some were falling down. Why? What were the purposes of each of the buildings?

So I'll end this with a few pictures.

The homes/apartments stacked on top of each other!

Building on Alcatraz. What was it?


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