Thursday, July 14, 2016

Beaches and Waves: Saturday and Sunday (LOTS of Pictures!)

So many waves on our drive to San Francisco from Monterey! We stopped every chance we could. We had a caravan (my in-laws and an aunt and uncle), which you would think would be difficult, but it was great! We all wanted to see and experience the same things. I'm just going to put my pictures here. If any need an explanation, I'll provide one.

These two (above and below) are at Carmel

On our way to SF, we stopped in Moss Landing and found a fruit stand with a free standing deep fried artichoke person. They made two batches fresh for us, so we had a tailgate picnic of deep-fried artichoke (these were so good!!), strawberries, and cherries. All from California.

I LOVE the waves! I think the picture above is my favorite one that I took. I love how I managed to catch the spray of the water as it hit!!


Reluctant Writer


  1. Dear Reluctant Writer,

    I'm happy to see you continue to write. Perhaps you're not that reluctant.


    P.S Looks like you had a wonderful trip to Cali. The photos are great, especially the one with the water spray.

  2. The trip was AMAZING, and if I could go back every summer for a week, I sure would! Especially if I could stay someplace on the beach where I could see and hear these waves!