Sunday, July 17, 2016

San Francisco - First Impressions

When my son was little, he would say "tunnelk" instead of "tunnel", so OF COURSE, I had to get a picture!! This was just outside of SF, I think. So far, so good! 

I couldn't even believe how crowded it was! How can people live like this?! Give me my space, please!!

Thought this was cool! My husband and son couldn't see the car that this is, at first!

Well, I'd never seen one, so YEAH, I had to take a picture! Now, remember we were caravanning? I had Alice, my GPS on my phone going (we were last in the line), my father-in-law had his at the front, and aunt and uncle were in the middle. Every street we needed to turn on was blocked, and we couldn't figure out why! We kept getting redirected. Soon, we figured it out.

These were some of the interesting outfits at the Pride Parade. Yep! That's why we kept getting re-routed. At one point, we had to stop (the traffic was RIDICULOUS) and the girl in the car next to us got out of her car and proceeded to have a conversation with her friend on the sidewalk. This irritated my FIL. Aunt was pretty excited, because further along on our way to the hotel, when we were stopped on post-parade traffic, she was given BEADS!! She didn't even have to show anything!

Have I mentioned I have THE MOST AMAZING INLAWS?! We stayed a block away from Fisherman's Wharf. Thank you so much for this awesome vacation!! We unloaded our vehicles and headed out to walk around and explore. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! The people-watching, the sea lions, the sights, and sounds. I was on overload!

This was at the end of Pier 39, where the newer restaurants and shops were located. We came down here Sunday night. My husband C and his aunt K are admiring the sailboats.
We headed back to the hotel after a couple of hours of exploring and grabbing some dinner.

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