Saturday, July 9, 2016

Teachers Write: Similes

***WARNING: This isn't perfect. It's learning in progress***

This quick-write was about comparisons, specifically similes.  These are the first two instructions given by Liz Garton Scanlon, the guest author for this quick-write.

"1. Brainstorm a list of emotional or physical states (jealousy, joy, fear, hunger, anger, excitement, worry, confidence, sadness, etc.) Put each word on a little slip of paper and have everyone in the group pick one. (If it’s just you, give yourself a nice choice of words or, better yet, have someone write them for you.)
2. Now, brainstorm a list of both natural and manmade objects (pillow, rock, waterfall, TV, table, blender, forest fire, river, puddle, book, bar of soap, etc.) Put each word on a little slip of paper and have everyone in the group pick one."
Since I had just come back from California, I chose the two things that popped into my head as a read each instruction:
Relaxing and crashing waves
Next, I had to write the simile:                     Relaxation is like a crashing wave.
Here comes the tough part. I have to make this a TRUE statement!!
Relaxing                                    Both                                 Crashing Waves
Quiet usually                                   Different stages                     Loud                                                                     Can be movement                                                                         Always movement 
And there we are. Now, I need to explain it. 
Relaxation is like a crashing wave. They both have different stages.     
And that's all I've got. Everything else only seemed to make sense in my head. "They are peace-inducing." That doesn't even make sense here. But this was my thinking: waves come in seemingly slowly, then grow, and crash into the shore; relaxation begins deliberately. We sit down, then maybe pick up a book or a remote, then, if you're anything like're asleep! Stages....
Reluctant Writer

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  1. Relaxation IS like a crashing wave. I like the way it sweeps over you, causes you to go with the FLOW (get it?!)