Sunday, July 3, 2016

Goals, Catching up, and Other Thinks.

The title of this post. Let me explain. I went through the list of blogs I follow, and one titled simply "Goals" caught my eye. In the blog, she puts down IN PRINT (GASP!) daily, weekly, and long-term goals. I thought that sounded like a plan, so I'll put a few goals.

Catching up? I'm doing the #teacherswrite this summer to help with my goal for school of doing a readers/writers workshop format. I was on vacation for over a week and need to catch up.

Other thinks? Well, that was originally supposed to be "things", but I accidentally put a "k". I went to change it, but I realized that maybe it wasn't a typo. This is MY blog with MY thinks!!


Keep up with house work
Make healthy food choices
Check for other blogposts to read and comment on
Stay on top of Teachers Write

2-3 posts a week
50,000 steps
Reflect on the week and my goals (maybe in a post?)
Get in touch with MEL my PIC (partner in crime) 

I'll add and modify as I see fit.

Catching up.  What's in my journal? In my journal, I have journal entries from #cisdlitcamp, ideas for my workshop for school, titles of books, summer homework, daily list of what we did on vacation, and my teacherswrite assignments, notes from different blogs that I read.

Other thinks?  Apparently, I'm not paying enough attention to my Olivia Pug. How do I know? She's sitting here with her chin on my leg.  I guess I'll go play with her and leave you with another picture from our vacation.

This was amazing! I had no idea what it was! Do you?


Reluctant Writer

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