Saturday, July 9, 2016

Thoughts on Writing, reluctantly

I attended two days of #cisdlitcamp at the beginning of the summer, which is how I got started with the blogging. I'm also participating in Teachers Write 2016.

#Cisdlitcamp focused on writing and reading. Writing what we wanted to write,as long as we wrote. We reflected; we did book talks; we started a blog. A blog for anything. So far mine has two somewhat random ones, one post for Teachers Write, and then my vacation posts.

Teachers Write seems to be more about writing stories, which is good for me. It makes me think more outside the box and outside my comfort zone. No one can judge my vacation writing (I hope, anyway), but people can think my story ideas are stupid or don't make sense. That's where I feel vulnerable, so, maybe that's where I need to focus. I'm writing the ideas down in my writer's notebook; I'm posting in the comments of the various blogs, maybe a day or two later, but I need to let the ideas simmer.

I realized that maybe this story place is where I'm reluctant, and that's what I'll try to work on. This means that my blog will be a mixture of story, vacation, school, books, and whatever else I put on here. Maybe it's a picture or quote that struck me.

Happy Saturday!! Maybe I'll go back to my comfort zone and put up another California post later!


Reluctant Writer


  1. Happy Saturday,

    I have always liked using prompt based flash fiction to practice writing stories that might drag me from my comfort zone. I guess in my mind writing in such a manner was just following the rules so if my story ended up centered around 'bondage,' 'dark,' and 'priests,' it's because the rules said I had to use those words in a flash fiction 500-word piece. One of my favorite websites to accept prompt based writing challenges is Clever Fiction. I only have one story published there, but I often use their challenges just to practice without posting the story. The fun part or at least what my mind allows me to think is that no one could judge me because I was just following the challenge rules. ~M

  2. I'll take a look at that website! Thanks, Maria. I know what you mean about not being judged, because you were following the rules! That does it make it a little easier.