Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Monday Morning Warm-up 7/4 Teachers Write

Monday Morning Warm Up: 
Have your main character wake up on a Sunday morning. Be that person right now as you open your eyes. What do you see? Smell? Hear? Feel? Think? Worry about? Look forward to?
Write a paragraph or two in first person, present tense, fully exploring what it would feel like to wake up in your character's skin. 

This is my first attempt at anything resembling a story with a character. A little nervous about sharing it here, but that's the purpose of this summer of writing: moving outside my comfort zone.

I stayed in bed with my eyes closed instead of immediately getting up to feed the dog, start the coffee, and fold any laundry there might be. I listened to the roar of the waves as they kissed the shore. The same sound that put me to sleep last night. I also listened to the seagulls talking to their bird friends, trying to decide if I should just sit up in bed and admire the view out the screen door or get up and go sit on the patio.

Wanting to watch the waves as well as hear them won out, so I struggled to get down from the ridiculously high bed, so I could get outside.

I stood on the patio wrapped in a blanket to fend off the cold chill and watched the seagulls digging in the sand with their beaks searching for their breakfast. I sat and felt totally relaxed as I heard the waves lapping along the shore, moving further onto the beach, the blue water turning white with foam once it came up on the beach, then disappearing as it slid back off of the beach, leaving pools of water behind.

What an amazing way to wake up on my first morning of our California vacation!! Something I could definitely get used to. No worries. No distractions. The only thoughts being about the waves and the exploring ahead of us.


Reluctant Writer


  1. Oh, reluctant writer, you have wonderful words to share! I smiled as I read about the ridiculously high bed. I love the way you describe the waves roaring, kissing, lapping! Welcome to SOL!

    1. Ramona! Thank you for your kind words!! The bad was outrageous! Even my 6 foot tall husband struggled!