Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Slice of Life: "Just Another Manic Monday" ......

...to quote The Bangles.

My son's car has THREE recalls on it! A window master something, an airbag, and then something else (must not be life-threatening, or I'm sure I'd remember. Monday was THE day I was getting my wedding ring back after taking it in to be resized. After many years, I had decided it was time to do it, so I could wear it, again! Up to this point, I'd been wearing random rings on my ring finger, but was ready to take the plunge. I was expecting it to cost HUNDREDS to resize it, but a half size and $65 later, it would be on my hand!! 

I woke up Monday, called the Toyota dealership, and they could fit me in at 7:30; it was 7:10. "We'll be there!"  Then we'd go to my son's dentist appointment, then go pick up my ring! 

We opened the garage door, and.......NOTHING! IT WOULDN'T OPEN! My son's car is in the garage. We tried in vain to get it open. Even trying to do it manually wouldn't get it open! I called Toyota, let them know the car was stuck in the garage, and I'd call back if we  got it out.  M and I went to breakfast, instead. I mean.... we were up and dressed, so why not? 

Then we went to the grocery store where M looked at me wide-eyed and said, "You've got THE BREAD. THE BREAD FOR GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES." My reply: "Yes, I do. Go get cheese. Whatever kind you want." He perused the sliced cheese and came back with.......colby jack. We got back home, tried the garage, again and still nothing.  I made M his grilled cheese (doctored up cream cheese and sliced cheese. It really is quite wonderful. Got the idea from a little restaurant in Kansas), then....

I called Sears, and they'll be out today to the tune of $300.....

The dentist appointment? One small cavity and a permanent retainer wire broken in two places. $225-275 to replace the retainer. Do I go further out (about a 30-45 minute drive to the orthodontist he hasn't seen in over to save $50?) Or stay here in town and pay $50 for convenience? Since it won't happen until September when we're all back at school, I'm leaning toward convenience....

Oh, my ring? Yeah.....Didn't get that yesterday. Probably won't today. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll go through school stuff I brought home and Netflix binge "Stranger Things".


Reluctant Writer


  1. Some days are just like that, aren't they. I hope Tuesday is a little calmer for you.

  2. We have all had those days....This made me hungry for a grilled cheese! It sounds like you were the calm eye in the middle of a hurricane of a day.

  3. Rough day! Expensive day! Hope you're enjoying your visit though.

  4. That grilled cheese, though....